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Emply Hire is the market leading hiring platform made to simplify the complicated in the recruitment process. It goes far beyond traditional hiring platforms, providing userfriendly functions to support every step of the recruitment process.

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2010 Emply was built to serve the needs of today’s recruiters and to help them manage their entire hiring process more intuitively and efficiently. The platform adapts to companies irrespective of business industry, size, organisational structure or HR processes, and irrespective of where the companies are based. Today Emply Hire is used by more than 245.000 recruiters and is available in multiple languages in more than 50 countries.

At Emply we are committed to leading the recruiting industry toward better practices and to offering our customers the features they demand. Thus, we focus on user-driven innovation when we develop the future versions of our hiring platform.
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Simplify the complicated
Our mission in Emply is to make the worlds most flexible, but user-friendly hiring platform. Therefore our mantra is "Simplify the complicated". We don't see barriers, we see opportunities.

Solving some of the most complex issues in the hiring industry only makes our product even more loved. Listening to our customers feedback when developing for the future is what drives us to always improve our product.
Fun workplace
Most of the year during waking hours, you are more together with your colleagues than your own family, so who really wants to be in a strict working environment with no fun at all?

In Emply we strive to make every day of work funny and informal. We trust our employees with the responsibility and flexibility for their own working hours, how to approach new projects and getting new ideas to the table.
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