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Emply's mission is to help talent thrive by leading
all organisations to better HR practises effortlessly.

We're empowering
talent's full potential

Emply help organisations all over the world to attract, retain and engage talent by developing the most innovative platform to highlight skills, create an overview and simplify the complicated HR processes. Insights enable everyone in an organisation to reach their full potential.

Simplify the Complicated

Regarding our brand mantra, "Simplify the Complicated"
means that every aspect of what we do must be simple
for the end-user. We need to solve complicated tasks and
present it in the most simple format possible.

Together we shape
the future of HR

Back in 2010, two entrepreneurs, Gert Abildskov and Michael Ahlstrøm, gained an insight into how complicated and time-consuming it was to attract and hire talents. After brief consideration, they decided to start Emply and resolve the issues.

Since then they have never looked back and over the years the vision have just been strengthened as the company have grown. The Emply team is striving to always push the boundaries for what is possible and together we face the realities and involve customers through events and exhibitions.

Let's grow together!

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