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Hiring platform made to find, screen and hire great people
Plan your hiring process and have everything structured
Managing your hiring projects have never been this simple. Emply gives you a solid overview of your candidates on each project and you can see how far you are in your hiring process, without clicking away from the overview.

Plan your next hire by inviting your hiring team to the project and give them individual tasks for each step of the process. Write different job ads targeted each media, create job-related questions to be used later for faster screening of candidates and schedule upcomming interviews with top candidates and members from your hiring team.
Attract candidates from websites and social media
Emply supports all of the websites, job boards and social media that you wish for. With a few clicks you can post job ads directly to a series of medias suitable for the vacancy. Simply browse through the ones you like and get a quick overview of the cost. After publishing you can follow how each media is performing, so you can take cost-effective decisions in the future.

Without the need of a technical person, you can setup publishing agents, which sends automated e-mails informing job boards or your hiring team about new publishings, updates and unpublishings of media.
Push to any media
you want to use
Review candidates and invite the best ones for interviews
With the use of highly effective screening and search functions, Emply makes it easy and simple for you to send out multiple rejections or invitations. Share ratings and comments with the people involved in your recruitment team and follow up on upcoming interviews or past interactions with candidates.

Use the calendar to schedule and invite recruiters to participate in interviews and write notes to keep the rest of the team informed when the meeting is done.
Hire top candidates and export data to your desired format
The hiring contracts are already made for you and your recruiters as soon as you have hired the perfect candidate for your company. By merging the data from your chosen candidate with Emply’s predesigned hiring contract, all the essential information that is needed is ready for export and print. Emply supports .docx, .xml, .pdf.
Get reports about your hiring you've only dreamed about
Emply delivers great reporting and statistic tools with endless options. Analyse everything you want from seeing how your recruiters are doing in general to which job boards or social media channels your candidates are coming from or to see your cost spend on different medias.

The reporting and statistic tools are great in terms of learning from past mistakes and to improve any area in your future recruitment process.
Finally, a platform designed to drive amazing hiring results
Project management
Jobs & talent pools
Create new jobs and find talent just by making a quick search in one of your own talent pools.
Team collaboration
Connect participants to your projects and collaborate about the incoming candidates and challenges.
Questions for job
Ask job-related questions and use them for search and screening of candidates, to quickly find a match.
Job posting
Write job ads and post to multiple job boards at once with a unique tracking link for each media.
Social sharing
Connect your social media profiles and start sharing jobs on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Candidate traffic
Track media that your candidates are applying through and find out which ones are the most cost-effective.
Candidate management
Search & screening
Find the best talent by using our flexible search and screening. No restrictions, all data can be used.
Workflow & status
Move candidates through workflows that are 100% designed by you to make it comfortable to process them.
Evaluate candidates
Like, rate and comment on candidates together with your team and focus on the ones that stand out.
Send multiple messages at once to save time and keep a full overview of everything sent through each project.
Schedule interviews
Invite candidates for interviews by booking your available timeslots and then let them choose among these.
Delegate tasks
Get organized by letting your team members know if they’re missing- or need to remember something.
General features
Calendar overview
See all of your scheduled meetings and interviews. Integrate with an external calendar like Outlook.
Tasks overview
Find out what is already completed and what needs to be completed by yourself or a team member.
Handle documents
Store important documents about projects and candidates for internal and external communication.
Dynamic reports
Modify reports exactly to your needs and combine data for complete insights into how each area performs.
Get notifications
Each time you need to be reminded of an upcoming event or about a task which is due, you’ll get a notification.
Integrations & export
Export candidate information to PDF or send data in own format directly to another system of your choice.
System setup
Your organisation
Without limits, you can integrate your entire organisation with all subbrands, departments and users.
Multiple languages
Communicate with candidates in all of the world’s languages. You can change each word a candidate sees.
Flexible data
Be free to collect exactly the data you want for projects and candidates and combine it in endless ways.
Data storage
Automate deletion of inactive candidates’ data - some local laws demands this to be deleted on time.
Feel safe knowing that only users with specific rights can see and use the various functionalities and areas.
Media network
Post jobs to your own website and career center and automate postings to external job boards of your choice.
Job agents
Candidates can sign up to job agents and be notified about your new jobs that matches their wishes.
Corporate identity
Customise layout of job ads and career pages to match exactly what your own corporate layout looks like.
Developer API
Our API provides a flexible platform to integrate to your websites, own apps and other systems.
Benefits of moving your hiring to the cloud
Find who you're looking forYou’d be amazed by how many companies start interviewing without knowing what, exactly, they need the candidate to do. Emply helps you lock in the skills and personality you’re looking for.
  • 2
    Nobody saw
    that coming
Evidence-driven decisionsWhen making hiring decisions, Emply gives you deep insights into every candidate, by showing flexible screening-results, your teams combined evaluations and having all other data at your fingertips.
  • 1
    Amazingly fast
    and accurate
Tame the chaos of hiringJuggling with dozens of open positions at once can feel very stressfull. Emply gives you the complete overview of your jobs and takes away all your worries, by having everything in one place.
  • 3
    Great overview
    all the way
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