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Market leading hiring platform made to
find, screen and hire great people.
Find top candidates with flexibility in all areas of the hiring process
Flexible retrieval of candidate data is a key factor in being able to focus on great candidates and separate the good from the bad by using the data in quick searches and screenings. Update candidates through your own branded career sites with job agents and track costs and performance of tailored media selections when publishing job ads.
Streamline your hiring and have more time for what you do best
No more paperwork, out-dated spreadsheets and missing e-mails. Browse all of your jobs and candidates in your own secure online database. Access documents, evaluations and communicate with candidates and colleagues in one place. Send bulk e-mails, schedule interviews and create tasks, so you'll never miss a great candidate.
Collaborate with your team to get the best possible hiring results
Invite an unlimited number of members to your hiring team and set up different teams for each hiring project. The hiring team can rate and write comments on candidates, so everyone will have a complete overview of the communication. Your hiring team will also be notified when candidates apply, so no one skips their evaluations.
Benefits of moving your hiring to the cloud
Find who you're looking forYou’d be amazed by how many companies start interviewing without knowing what, exactly, they need the candidate to do. Emply helps you lock in the skills and personality you’re looking for.
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    Nobody saw
    that coming
Make evidence-driven decisionsWhen making hiring decisions, Emply gives you deep insights into every candidate, by showing flexible screening-results, your teams combined evaluations and having all other data at your fingertips.
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    Amazingly fast
    and accurate
Tame the chaos of hiringJuggling with dozens of open positions at once can feel very stressfull. Emply gives you the complete overview of your jobs and takes away all your worries, by having everything in one place.
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    Great overview
    all the way
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