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Manage & engage
talent seamlessly

Unlock your organisation's potential and drive
employee engagement to whole new levels
with our innovative HR management tools.

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Utilize employee data
to boost performance

Without a robust platform to manage all data on your employees, data just sits there, useless. Emply gathers all relevant employee data and makes easy access for managers to information about their employees’ master data, skills, absence, performance and much more.

Organize overviews
for all employees

Emply collects and organizes all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, then helps you use it to achieve great things. Customize the employee overview with widgets that gives you the time and insights to focus on your most important asset - your people.

Engage talents with
learning & reviews

Create online learning courses very quickly and push it out to employees, for continuous talent development. Improve employee engagement with forms to create annual performance reviews and respond quickly to challenges in your organisation before it's too late.

Collaborate & make
smarter decisions

Delegate tasks to each other and obtain data on employees by forwarding forms to both the employee, your colleagues or external people you need information from. Together you achieve a streamlined HR management experience.

Track staff absence
in your organisation

Never lose sight of your employees' availability. Employees easily register their absence through all devices and managers can go in and see a complete picture of all absence in their team. Check filtered views for holidays, overtime work, sick leave, child sick - you name it. Literally.

Automate repetitive
tasks & free up time

Fill in employee master data, request keycard and forward data to the reception. Want it automated? Emply can handle that with a click on the submit button. Set up your desired automation workflows and let the system do all the hard work, so you get time to do more productive things.

Approve processes
to avoid mistakes

Whether you need approval for delivered assets or a completed course - Emply have you covered.
Set up multiple approval chains that receive relevant requests one by one through automatic triggers until all necessary approvals have been obtained and stored to avoid mistakes.

Learn about each
process to improve

Data-driven HR management is very easy with Emply. Examine employee engagement rates and explore who performs the best. Find out how long time employees are absent and zero in on departments that need improvement. Get the data you need to make better decisions.

Key features in
HR Management

Individual goals
Keep your employees motivated with individual goals, viewable on the employee portal.
Organisational structure
Discover the structure of your organisation and identify skills by using obtained data.
Extract reports
Pull out relevant statistics and KPIs from all types of stored master data.
Clear overview
Design the overview of each employee profile with master data and other important info.
Store data
Enter master data and store it together with employee documents securely in Emply.
Absence management
Easy vacation and absence management with a few clicks for both employees and managers.
Write directly to your employees through the platform, so all HR info is stored in one place.
Schedule meetings
Schedule meetings with your employee by smart syncing Outlook and Google calendars.
Flexible data
Collect all the data you need for your employees and control it with role-based access rights.

Makes you well suited to
retain talented employees

Emply is a completely invaluable system. It's very professional and user-friendly. At the same time, it keeps up with the development, so that you are well suited to retain talented employees. In addition, for us, it is extremely important that the support works impeccably - which it does!
Tina BerningDirector of HR

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