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Lalandia's waterparks have a total of over 1.2 million
annual visitors. And the many guests place great
demands on the recruitment of the holiday centers.

A solution that helps manage processes in a busy day

The recruitment of the many annual seasonal employees is not one long beach holiday for Lalandia's HR department. We’ve met HR coordinator in Lalandia, Kirsten Neiman, for a talk on how Emply's recruitment solution helps them manage their processes in a busy day.


Lalandia is still one of the Danes' favorite excursion destinations. The water park's departments in Billund and Rødby have a total of over 1.2 million annual visitors. The many guests place great demands on the recruitment of the holiday centers. Because in an industry that is so seasonal, there is a great need for callers. This is what Lalandia's HR coordinator Kirsten Neiman tells us as we talk to her about her daily life in the HR department; “We probably have about 20 'regular' recruits a year, and then we hire more than 100 seasonal employees who apply unsolicited through our system. It is especially here that we benefit from Emply's recruitment system. With so many applicants, we need a system that ensures the overview that is so important when recruiting. Emply simply saves us so much time in everyday life" she says.

"With so many applicants, we needed a system to ensure the overview that is so important when recruiting. Emply saves us so much time in our everyday life."

Setting up ads in short time

Lalandia has been a customer of Emply for just over a year. Kirsten Neiman is gradually being well within the system. When asked which of Emply's many functions Lalandia enjoy most, she responds promptly. “The ad setup! In the past, we had to spend so many resources on doing our job search. Just the time our graphic designer had to put them up was a busy job. Now we can set up our ads in a short time and choose where we want them to be promoted. It has been a great help and a great saving for us.”


Kirsten is a so-called 'super user' of the system, which means that she is responsible for training Lalandia's other leaders in the use of the system. But it's not something that has given her late nights in the office; “It is an extremely intuitive system so it has been incredibly easy to train my colleagues to use it" she says.


As a super user, it is also Kirsten Neiman who is in contact with Emply's support department if any challenges arise in the system. But as she herself says, "there are incredibly few times that we've had to call. But when we need support, Emply has always been quick to correct the mistakes. Often I have been able to get hold of Heidi, who has been in charge of teaching and implementation with us. And when she has been busy, I have only been met by other competent staff” she says.


As the talk falls on our new HR platform, which also supports onboarding and HR administration, Kirsten Neiman is in no doubt; it must be clearly considered. "Well, we are so excited about Emply's recruitment solution, so it would be silly not to look at what your new platform has to offer" she says. We end the day's talk with a 'we talk to'. For we do. Whether through a demonstration of our new platform or through the support.

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