Good onboarding
is key for success

Streamline your onboarding processes and
create a great employee experience even
before your new employee have started.

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Manage processes
from start to end

Create all imaginable processes. Preboarding, onboarding, offboarding - you name it. Keep each process organised with a complete overview of tasks and design custom stages each employee have to go through.

Collaborate together
for better onboarding

Delegate tasks to each other and obtain data on employees by forwarding forms to both the employee, your colleagues or external people you need information from. Together you achieve a better onboarding process for your new hire.

Complete your tasks
anytime, anywhere

Completing tasks or filling out forms on the go is not a problem. Whether it's the new employee that is going through onboarding process or a colleague that needs to complete a task, they can do it on their mobile phone with ease, so the onboarding process never gets stuck.

Follow the progress
live as time goes by

Don't worry if the onboarding process is on track or not. You will be able to set deadlines for each stage and constantly have your finger on the pulse of how the onboarding is progressing. Follow what's resolved and what's coming.

Automate repetitive
tasks & free up time

Fill in employee master data, request keycard and forward data to the reception. Want it automated? Emply can handle that with a click on the submit button. Set up your desired automation workflows and let the system do all the hard work, so you get time to do more productive things.

Approve processes
to avoid mistakes

Whether you need approval for delivered assets or a completed course - Emply have you covered.
Set up multiple approval chains that receive relevant requests one by one through automatic triggers until all necessary approvals have been obtained and stored to avoid mistakes.

Key features in

Pre-, on- & offboarding
Emply makes it possible to create processes for both preboarding, onboarding and offboarding.
Easily set up mentoring or buddy arrangements so the new employee gets a safe start.
Individual processes
Optimize your processes by creating different workflows depending on employee type.
Manageable start
Streamlined processes gives the new employee ease and overview in a busy start-up period.
Delivered assets
Enter which assets the new employee has been handed over, so you always have an overview.
Delegate tasks
Create tasks for the employee or delegate to other people in your team for completion.
Write to your employee or send out group messages manually or automatic.
Schedule meetings
Schedule meetings with your employee by smart syncing Outlook and Google calendars.
Flexible data
Collect the data you need for your onboarding and combine it without limitations.

Manual and resource-intensive
workflows are history now...

Fantastic user-friendly and intuitive platform, that have fully met our expectations. Manual and resource-intensive workflows are history now. One of our managers said: "I don't know how we lived without it."
Inger KærgaardHR Consultant

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