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the best talents

Goes far beyond traditional recruitment
platforms, with features to support every
step of the process. Attract, screen & hire!

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Attract talents with a
great first impression

Emply makes it easy to set up open positions on your beautifully designed career site. Create job ads and ask job-related questions so you can give candidates an oppertunity to showcase their talent - like writing assignments for copywriters or coding tests for developers.

Promote jobs on all
desirable channels

Besides posting ads on your career site, they can be promoted on social media and job boards such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Indeed, Glassdoor and Monster. Emply will track sources of the best candidates so you can optimize your strategy the next time you promote a job.

Collaborate with your
team & hire together

Rate candidates together and write comments for your team to be aware about. Discuss potential talent, delegate tasks to each other and forward evaluation forms to be completed. Together you achieve better results and increase engagement.

Manage candidates
& keep an overview

Use screening and ratings from your team to get an overview of the best matching candidates. Bulk actions helps you do more with less effort and moving candidates through pipeline stages keep your hiring process streamlined. Don't lose sight of candidates you want to interview.

Schedule interviews
with the best talents

Integrate your own calendar with Emply and share it with your hiring team to make easy scheduling of job interviews. Send invitations to candidates and let them choose the open time slots that suits them best. As the day approaches, candidates can receive an SMS reminder.

Automate repetitive
tasks & free up time

Archive disqualified candidates, send rejection messages and move to relevant talent pools. Sound time-consuming? Emply can handle that with one click. Set up your desired automation workflows and let the system do all the hard work, so you get time to do more productive things.

Approve job offers
to avoid mistakes

Whether you need approval for a requisition, ad, promotion or offer - Emply have you covered.
Set up multiple approval chains that receive relevant requests one by one through automatic triggers until all necessary approvals have been obtained and stored to avoid mistakes.

Learn about each
process to improve

Data-driven recruitment is very easy with Emply. Examine candidate conversion rates for each media and explore which of them performs best. Find out how long time candidates are in each stage and know your time to hire. Get the data you need to make better decisions.

Rediscover talents
you forgot about

Talents you didn't hire because you had too many good candidates for a single position are often lost in the process, although they could be perfect for an upcoming position. These and the unsolicited applicants are stored in talent pools within Emply, so you can rediscover them quickly.

Key features in

Talent pools
Search for relevant candidates in your talent pool before starting a recruitment process.
Promote jobs
Push job ads to social media and job boards all at once and track the source of the candidates.
Carry out screenings
Create job-related questions and use screening to focus on the most relevant candidates.
Video interviews
Invite interesting candidates to take part in a video interview with follow-up questions.
Evaluate candidates
Get a quick overview of how managers have rated candidates by likes or evaluation forms.
Schedule interviews
Schedule interviews with your team by smart syncing Outlook and Google calendars.
Google Maps
See where the candidates live and check how long their travel time will be to the job.
Job agents
Candidates can subscribe to job agents and get notified when relevant jobs are available.
Flexible data
Collect the data you need for your recruitments and combine it without limitations.

Strive for an easy & more
professional hiring process

Before i personally handled the hundreds of applications we continuously receive, which was an enormous work pressure and also not a very structured way to do the task. With Emply it is much easier and our hiring is more professional.
Pia NielsenHR Manager

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