Implementation for
Aarhus Municipality

In February 2019, Emply entered into an agreement with
Denmark's second largest municipality, Aarhus Municipality.

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Quite impressive that it could be done so quickly

With more than 30,000 employees and over 2,000 annual jobs, Aarhus Municipality needed a system that could help automate the municipality's many recruitment tasks. After thoroughly investigating the various providers in the market, the choice fell on Emply's recruitment platform. However, it was not without a healthy portion of skepticism that Aarhus Municipality went into the implementation phase. Michael Sommer Mikkelsen, consultant at Aarhus Municipality, tells as we are talking together about the completed implementation process.

"When we were presented to Emply's implementation plan, I thought it couldn't be as fast and easy as your implementation plan described". But the plan kept, Michael Sommer Mikkelsen tells. "It turned out that the plan hung quite well together with the way the system is configured. After 2.5 hours of setup we had already set up the basic things in the system. In fact, I think it was quite impressive that it could be done so quickly. It also shows that the system is user-friendly and well set up".

"After 2.5 hours of setup we had already set up the basic things in the system. I think it was quite impressive that it could be done so quickly."

Big enough to deliver, small enough to care

Emply was founded in 2010 and we are therefore considered one of the new players in the market. But it is not something Aarhus Municipality has noticed on our setup. "We have only been able to get back to that. That which super-user is easy to get through to the support and that actually gets responded to the challenges you may have", explains section manager in Aarhus Municipality, Peter Feilberg Schjødt.

One of the initiatives we are most praised for is that our customers always get one implementation consultant throughout the course. It is also something that they have noticed at Aarhus Municipality. "There is no doubt that it's a huge help that it's the same implementation consultant through the whole process. This is one of the main reasons why the process has felt so safe and uncomplicated", says Michael Sommer Mikkelsen.

After the successful implementation, Aarhus Municipality is already busy making use of our platform's many features. In Emply we look forward to a long and good cooperation.

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