Dashboards that give
you key information

Gather all your HR data in one place by using our flexible
dashboards to show relevant information for each person.

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Monitor all your HR
metrics in one place

Keep a finger on the pulse of the organisation by tracking key workforce metrics. New trends and opportunities can be spotted early on and emerging problems can be addressed before they significantly impact the business. Shortcuts bring you to where you want faster.

Tailored dashboards
for all your purposes

It can be hard to get an overview of all HR metrics with just one dashboard. Therefore, you can build multiple dashboards for different purposes with access control, so that each user type gets relevant information that is suitable for the best possible overview in a busy everyday life.

Employees can easily
edit info & absence

Each employee have their own login to Emply where they immediately land on the dashboard with easy access to view and edit their personal information, calendar, tasks and registration of vacation and absence.

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