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Attracting great talent in todays global job market
requires a career site that reflects the company culture.

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Fully responsive &
no coding needed

Could you do more to attract talent, but have limited budgets and need the freedom to communicate directly to future employees without relying on marketing to update your website? Create beautiful responsive career sites yourself without having any coding skills.

Endless possibilities
with very little effort

Emply's Career Site Editor enables you to build almost anything. Create beautiful banners with video running in the background, showcase your workplace with a gallery and highlight your perks and benefits. Attract talent with your open jobs and job agents notifying about new openings.

Enhance access for
talents own data

Correct handling of personal information is critical to be GDPR compliant. You need to give people access to their own data so they can view, edit and remove it. Unique logins through your career site handles that automatically, whether it is in the early recruitment stage or through onboarding.

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